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These are pictures taken from a performance of The Life Giver at the Bridge House Theatre, Warwick, England in 2002 
(We have also included brief descriptions about the production). 
The Author 
This is me, Julie Hutchin. 
We have had such great teams every time we performed "The Life Giver".  It was special every time. 
There are some real opportunities for group dancing as well as solo dance.   "Reach out and Touch Him" has been performed in dance combined with 'signing' which is very moving. 
Fun at rehearsals 
Friendships have sprung up - even a Wedding! People who have never done anything like this before have excelled in their performances - even the quietest and most tentative have blossomed.  
So far the musical has always been performed very simply.  This is not to say that it cannot be developed.  Maybe you can get a vision for this. 
The Life Giver can be performed very simply with Keyboard/Piano and Guitar.  Here we used Rhythm Guitar,Bass,Lead Guitar, Piano,Trumpet and Clarinet. 
Below you can see examples of using simple gobos in front of the lighting lens to achieve different effects
The Storyteller is the one who links the songs and events in "The Life Giver". He or she or even 'they' can be in addition to the cast or one of them. 
The narrative is flexible enough to allow, with a few minor changes, for more than one person to be involved.  
We've had some great Storytellers !
Chosen By God
This Is My Body (Remember Me)
Early Morning
Good News! 
It's time to celebrate! Jesus is Alive!  
Now everyone is involved.  The audience are clapping, balloons come tumbling onto the stage and everyone in the cast is there. 
It's a great time!
We are planning that more photo's from this and other events will be added as time goes on.