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About The Musical 
"I could have danced all the way home",  "I was moved to tears many times."   
The songs and the narrative for "The Life Giver" were born out of a desire to reach people in a simple to understand way and touch their hearts for Jesus; to show something of His nature and character that so often gets missed or misrepresented in the daily complexities of the times we live in.  
Written very simply without any academic understanding of music (songs were recorded onto tape), this musical has developed over a period of twelve years, changing as time went on from it's original form with some songs being dropped and new one's added.     
The very first performance was part of an outreach from a small church in Warwick, UK round about 1994.  However, without the available expertise to take it any further the musical then had to be shelved. 
In 1998 a friend and musician  caught the vision for the musical and wrote the arrangements and musical score.   
The musical became "The Life Giver" and started the journey towards its first real  public performance.
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In time new songs were also introduced - 'The Wedding' - written while on holiday in Texas! 'Life Giver' (we needed a new title song), 'I Can See! ' - what it must be like to be healed by Jesus, and 'Touch and See' a simple but particularly powerful song expressing the Lord's words to Thomas but also speaking 'now' to those who are listening. 
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'Reach Out And Touch Him' was originally written for a Full Gospel Business Men's Dinner and later drawn into the musical to portray the touch of faith from a woman who had been sick for 12 years with abnormal bleeding. (Jesus healed her instantly). Even today people can reach out to Jesus and have their needs met through all that He has to offer.
'This Is My Body (Remember Me)' and 'Chosen by God' reminds us of the sacrifice and suffering of Jesus, His love for us and His death and resurrection . each of the songs together with their relative narrative provide a cameo from the Gospels. The Musical itself and individual songs have now been performed across England and, so I gather, are even being played and enjoyed in Europe.  We really want to share these with you.  
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